Middle School Musical Director, Mitchell School District 17-2
Middle School Musical Director

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Region 3 - James River Valley

February 09, 2024

Contact Information:
Mitchell School District 17-2
821 North Capital
Mitchell, SD 57301
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Cory Aadland
Phone: 605-995-3010
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Job Description:

Position Overview:

The Fine Arts Program Director is a leadership role responsible for providing strategic direction, vision, and management of all aspects of a particular fine arts program within the district. This includes oversight, program development, educational initiatives, and community engagement to ensure the success and growth of the fine arts program.


Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Leadership:

Provide visionary leadership for the fine arts program, aligning it with the district’s overall mission and goals.

Develop and implement strategies to enhance the program's impact and reach.

Program Development:

Drive the development of innovative and engaging fine arts programs, ensuring a diverse range of artistic expressions.

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to introduce new initiatives and enhance existing programs.

Educational Initiatives:

Develop and implement educational programs that enhance the audience's understanding and appreciation of the fine arts.

Collaborate with educational institutions and community organizations to expand educational outreach.

Community Engagement:

Foster strong relationships with local communities, artists, and cultural organizations to enhance the program's community impact.

Organize events and initiatives that encourage public participation and engagement.

Budget Management:

Develop and manage the budget for the fine arts program, ensuring financial sustainability and resource optimization.

Seek and secure funding through grants, sponsorships, and donations to support program initiatives as necessary.

Event Coordination:

Plan and oversee the coordination of performances and other fine arts events.

Ensure seamless logistics, including venue arrangements, scheduling, and marketing.

Team Leadership:

Lead and inspire a team of educators and support staff.

Provide mentorship, guidance, and professional development opportunities.



Bachelor's degree in education, fine arts, or a related field preferred.

Previous relevant director experience preferred.

Strong leadership and communication skills.

Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as required.

Ability to inspire and motivate students both in both fine arts and academic areas.

Commitment to promoting a positive and inclusive culture.

Passion for promoting the arts and a commitment to fostering a vibrant artistic community.


Primary Location -Mitchell Middle School

Salary Range -Per Year

Shift Type -Full-Time