Robotics Advisor, Mitchell School District 17-2
Robotics Advisor

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Region 3 - James River Valley

February 09, 2024

Contact Information:
Mitchell School District 17-2
821 North Capital
Mitchell, SD 57301
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Cory Aadland
Phone: 605-995-3010
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Job Description:

Position Overview:

The role of the student group adviser is crucial in fostering a positive and enriching student experience within the Mitchell School District, creating a supportive and empowering environment that enhances the educational experience of students while promoting personal and professional growth.


Key Responsibilities:

Mentorship and Guidance:

Provide guidance and support to student group members, helping them navigate their responsibilities and personal development.

Serve as a mentor, offering advice and encouragement to help students achieve their goals.

Administrative Support:

Assist in the establishment and maintenance of the student group, ensuring adherence to school policies and guidelines.

Help with the organization of meetings, events, and activities related to the student group.

Liaison between Student Group and District:

Act as a bridge between the student group and the school administration.

Communicate and collaborate with school officials to ensure that the student group operates within the guidelines and policies of the institution.

Advising on Planning and Execution:

Aid in the development and implementation of student group activities, events, and projects.

Provide advice on budgeting, fundraising, and other logistical aspects of student group management.

Conflict Resolution:

Address and mediate conflicts or issues that may arise among student group members.

Encourage open communication and teamwork within the student group.

Educational and Leadership Development:

Facilitate educational and skill-building opportunities for student group members.

Foster leadership skills and encourage members to take on leadership roles within the student group.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Assess the effectiveness and impact of student group activities and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

Monitor the overall well-being and progress of student group members.

Upholding Values and Standards:

Ensure that the student group operates in accordance with the values and standards of Mitchell School District.

Promote a positive and inclusive student group culture.

Networking and Collaboration:

Encourage collaboration with other student groups, organizations, or external entities for joint initiatives and events.

Help build a network for the student group within the institution and in the Mitchell community.

Recognition and Celebration:

Recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of student group members.

Encourage a sense of pride and accomplishment within the student group.



Bachelor's degree in education or a related field preferred.

Strong leadership and communication skills.

Commitment to promoting a positive and inclusive culture.


Primary Location -Mitchell High School

Salary Range -Per Year

Shift Type -Full-Time