High School Assistant Football Coach, Mitchell School District 17-2
High School Assistant Football Coach

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Region 3 - James River Valley

February 02, 2024

Contact Information:
Mitchell School District 17-2
821 North Capital
Mitchell, SD 57301
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Cory Aadland
Phone: 605-995-3010
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Job Description:


Support the Head Coach: Assist the head coach in planning, organizing, and executing practices and game strategies.

Player Development: Work with individual athletes to improve their skills, techniques, and overall performance.

Scouting and Analysis: Assist in scouting opponents, analyzing game footage, and developing game plans.

Teaching and Instruction: Instruct athletes on proper techniques, strategies, and game fundamentals.

Motivation and Mentorship: Inspire and motivate players, providing emotional support, and serving as a mentor both on and off the field/court.

Communication: Maintain open and effective communication with players, coaching staff, and other relevant personnel.

Administrative Tasks: Assist with administrative duties, such as scheduling, equipment management, and record-keeping.

Compliance: Ensure compliance with all relevant rules, regulations, and policies set forth by district, conference and state organizations.

Game Day Responsibilities: Help coordinate and execute game day operations, including pre-game preparation, in-game adjustments, and post-game evaluations.

Passion for Development: A genuine interest in player development and a commitment to fostering a positive team culture.

Leadership Skills: Demonstrate leadership qualities and the ability to motivate and inspire athletes.

Team Player: Ability to work collaboratively with the head coach, other assistant coaches, and support staff.



Bachelor's degree in education, sports management, or a related field preferred.

Coaching certification and relevant coaching experience.

Strong leadership and communication skills.

Knowledge of the rules and strategies of the specific sport.

Ability to inspire and motivate students both academically and athletically.

Commitment to promoting a positive and inclusive team culture.


Primary Location -Mitchell High School

Salary Range -Per Year

Shift Type -Full-Time